Entry #1

The Wind Blows West - Final

2008-08-10 09:56:56 by OMGL33TH4X0R

Well yeah, I released the full song, and of course the fucking assholes here at Newgrounds, immediately 0'd it giving it a really low score just to be pricks. To be honest I never understood why there was the 10 rating system and then the 5 one. It's fucking stupid because at least with the one out of 10 they have to write a comment, but with the one out of 5 they just have to be little cowardly pieces of shit and 0 it and walk away without an explantion. It's a serious flaw in Newgrounds because it's unfair to the creators because we don't know why the hell people give us shit ratings. They just do. Yes I'm super pissed while 'm writing this and I have a good reason.


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