What am I doing with my music?

2009-02-22 11:18:47 by OMGL33TH4X0R

Fear not, I shall inform you. Oh yeah and everything I release is going under the name Hendo, not OMGL33TH4X0R. I've got 2 albums planned for release at the moment. The first is titled "A Heroes Goodbye" and the songs follow a story of war, death, victory and of course heroes. You can probably notice that the influence from both the music and the story is from the Halo trilogy.

This is the track list WIP
1) The Storm Has Come
2) We Are All Forsaken
3) Journey of the Solitary
4) A Fraction of Light
5) First Strike
6) Victory Is Within Our Grasp
7) A Heroes Goodbye
8) Never Forget

I haven't quite got a track list for the 2nd album yet but I do have quite a few songs/ song ideas/ WIP's for it. A Heroes Goodbye is almost ready for release. I need to master a couple of the songs and it'll be good to go.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention both albums will be available for download 100% free of charge. Partly because free music is awesome and also because Microsoft would sue my ass for using audio from a Halo 3 cinematic.


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2009-02-23 19:16:07

I'm looking forward to this... You chose some nice names. =D

OMGL33TH4X0R responds:

Thanks bro, I'll for sure let you know when it's ready =)