Lack of Time

2009-11-02 23:03:33 by OMGL33TH4X0R

Hey guys, long time no post! Anyhoo, I haven't had barely any time to work on any kind of music since moving to College. My program right now includes 32 hours of class a week plus hours of homework. I also am playing on my College's Varsity Volleyball team which consumes much of the little free time I have. Despite that I do have a new song in the works that's simple but catchy, very similar to A Fraction of Light.

Thats the quick update!

- Hendo


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2009-11-17 09:08:26

well dam. 0.o Stayin busy Hendo. Well cant wait to get another HHM beat from u.
Your stuff is always epic. Im working with your bro Jhende on some projects. coming out good. Stay up fam. Keep it fire to burn the bugs off.


OMGL33TH4X0R responds:

thanks man, yeah i have heard some previews, sounds like it's going to be really kickass man. I'll for sure drop you a line for another collab when I got the time! Take 'er easy
- Hendo